The most trusted tips on getting better sleep

Having adequate and undisturbed sleep is vital for human beings. Not only does it give your mind the break it needs after a busy day, it also helps to rejuvenate your body and keep your immune system strong. Getting insufficient sleep can cause major problems and can leave you feeling tired and cranky all day long. If you have not been getting proper sleep for a while, it can also affect your relationships and work performances. Here are a few of our most trusted, guaranteed-to-help-you-sleep tips.

Exercise at some point of the day

We know that this can come to no surprise, and that you have probably heard quite a lot about this particular tip. It’s because it actually works. Exercising at some point of the day not only tires your body, but it also helps your mind to relax and declutter. It’s no secret that exercising is something most of us want to do, but never make time for it due to other commitment. Pay attention to your body once you’ve exercised. If you’re someone who is energized and buzzing after an exercise, then it’s better to do it during the morning hours. If you always want to collapse on bed after a good session at the gym, then it’s ok to work out closer to bed time.

Finish your to-do-list

Everyone has a to-do list; regardless to whether you write it down or have a mental list. The point is, knowing that you have incomplete work, and knowing that you’ll have to wake up earlier to catch up to those generally makes it harder to fall asleep; and even if you do manage to do so, it won’t be as restful as it should be. Try to finish everything in your to-do list each day. This will give you a sense of accomplishment that makes your happier. And it’s no secret that a happier mind is easier to lull to sleep…

Pay attention to your dinner

Do you usually have a late dinner? Or do you skip dinner? Or is your dinner something that’s too heavy and rich for you to handle? Ask yourself these questions. Having a late dinner can make falling asleep harder, as your food is yet to be digested. This is the same as eating too big-a-meals or having heavy food for dinner. You might even end up vomiting.  Likewise, if you decide to skip dinner simply because you’re too tired after work, the hunger can keep you awake too.

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