Tips on how to “baby-safe” your home

Being a first-time parent can be nerve wrecking. There’s so much to learn, so much to prepare for…and so many changes to adjust to! And this is for only the initial few months. And then, when they start pushing themselves around in their tummy, crawling, and walking; things only get more complicated. Rather than waiting for the last possible minute to make your home “baby safe”, opt to get it done while your baby is still unable to test his/her boundaries. Here are a few of our tips to help you out.


Install the gates

We understand that each home (and each baby!) is different; so, we’ve tried to keep our suggestions as general as possible. But child gates are something any household with toddlers needs. These gates can be used for the rooms that you’d expect your baby to find trouble in; like your kitchen or your work shop, or even your home office. Sharp knives and heavy machinery don’t really work well with kids around. They can also be installed to block their access to stairs; so that you don’t have to constantly keep an eye on them. Installing a gate in the entrance to their playroom is also an excellent idea, as it keeps them where they’ll be safe.

Get the proper locks

If you thought keeping burglars out was your biggest challenge and only use for a lock, then you have clearly not met a determined toddler. They find a way to tip over, squeeze in or push their hands into places they really shouldn’t be able to, and then manage to find the most “choke able” thing there to pop into their mouths. Since you definitely don’t want that, install baby safe locks on drawers, cabinets or any place where you’d store “adult” things. Even when you’re buying new furniture, pay attention to whether your drawers have locks (so that your child can’t get into it, or worst, drop it on themselves). Self-closing locks for electronic outlets and sockets are also a great idea. Don’t forget to protect your smoke alarms too!

Strap it all into place

There are “baby safe” straps readily available in the market now-a-days. Use them to “tie down” the furniture light enough to tip over. As babies are naturally attracted to both the mirror and the TV, it’s a great idea to strap these safely too; as their enthusiasm usually makes them “hug onto” it, inevitably tipping it over. Likewise, though they are not as attractive to babies, iron boards/stands and bookshelves too need to be treated the same to avoid accidents.

Apart from this, all you need to do is to try and soften the floor and hard edges of your furniture for when they start to walk. Plush, slip free carpets and edge/corner guards should be adequate to help you in this.

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